woodland zoo wedding – zoe and elliot!

zoo wedding at woodland park by jenny gg

zoë and elliot’s wedding at the woodland park zoo was fun…and wet…and sweet…and wet…and lovely…oh, and wet.  after such a hot summer, to have torrential rain for their ceremony in the rose garden was a little crazy and a lot unexpected…

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elliot made the origami flowers for zoë’s bouquet – such a thoughtful touch…

ZEblogwed-6 ZEblogwed-7 ZEblogwed-8 ZEblogwed-9

the rain forced us to take all of their wedding party and family images under the tent, but the rain couldn’t stop the fun everyone was having together!

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the horse and carriage brought them around to the reception in the rainforest pavilion…

ZEblogwed-24 ZEblogwed-25 ZEblogwed-26 ZEblogwed-27 ZEblogwed-28 ZEblogwed-29 ZEblogwed-30 ZEblogwed-31 ZEblogwed-32 ZEblogwed-33

the rain went away for a few minutes and the sun even made a quick appearance!

ZEblogwed-34 ZEblogwed-35 ZEblogwed-36 ZEblogwed-37 ZEblogwed-38 ZEblogwed-39 ZEblogwed-40 ZEblogwed-41 ZEblogwed-42 ZEblogwed-43

greek dancers started the party right…

ZEblogwed-44 ZEblogwed-45 ZEblogwed-46 ZEblogwed-47 ZEblogwed-48 ZEblogwed-49 ZEblogwed-50 ZEblogwed-51 ZEblogwed-52 ZEblogwed-53 ZEblogwed-54 ZEblogwed-55 ZEblogwed-56

venue/catering – woodland park zoo

videography – linear urban kings art


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