woodinville wedding photography ~ delille cellars ~ beverly and dennis

bride and groom at delille cellars

beverly and dennis…so in love…their wedding day at delille cellars in woodinville brought music to my ears in more ways than one…

delille_cellars_wedding 002delille_cellars_wedding 003delille_cellars_wedding 004delille_cellars_wedding 005

beverly’s custom gown from la belle reve was so airy and light…

bride getting dressed at delille cellarsdelille_cellars_wedding 007

her something blue went down her back…

delille_cellars_wedding 008delille_cellars_wedding 009rubik's cube cufflinks

rubik’s cube cufflinks – awesome!

first look for bride and groom at delille cellarsdelille_cellars_wedding 012delille_cellars_wedding 013delille_cellars_wedding 014delille_cellars_wedding 015delille_cellars_wedding 016bride and groom portrait at delille cellarsdelille_cellars_wedding 018delille_cellars_wedding 019delille_cellars_wedding 020delille_cellars_wedding 021delille_cellars_wedding 022wedding party at delille cellars

i LOVED the colors!!

bella umbrella, delille cellars, jenny gg

bella umbrella rocks and spins!

delille_cellars_wedding 025delille_cellars_wedding 026hombre flower aisle at delille cellarsdelille_cellars_wedding 028

well hello there you hombre aisle…

delille_cellars_wedding 029delille_cellars_wedding 030

so the littlest flower girl was totally unsure of those flower petals so annemarie saved the day…

annemarie juhlian at delille cellarsdelille_cellars_wedding 032delille_cellars_wedding 033delille_cellars_wedding 034delille_cellars_wedding 035delille_cellars_wedding 036delille_cellars_wedding 037

annemarie helped them send some balloons in the air to represent their grandfathers that had passed, but g’pa decided to hang around for the rest of the ceremony!

delille_cellars_wedding 038delille_cellars_wedding 039delille_cellars_wedding 040delille_cellars_wedding 041delille_cellars_wedding 042flower petal recessional at delille cellarsdelille_cellars_wedding 044delille_cellars_wedding 045delille_cellars_wedding 046

such fun details…captain picard in a terrarium?  heck yes!!

delille_cellars_wedding 047delille_cellars_wedding 048delille_cellars_wedding 049delille_cellars_wedding 050

the grounds at delille are just lovely and the sun flare was amazing!

delille_cellars_wedding 051delille_cellars_wedding 052delille_cellars_wedding 053delille_cellars_wedding 054delille_cellars_wedding 055toast at delille cellars during receptiondelille_cellars_wedding 057delille_cellars_wedding 058delille_cellars_wedding 059delille_cellars_wedding 060delille_cellars_wedding 061delille_cellars_wedding 062delille_cellars_wedding 063

their first dance was a lively one and there were LOTS of musical numbers/dances by talented family members and friends

delille_cellars_wedding 064delille_cellars_wedding 065delille_cellars_wedding 066delille_cellars_wedding 067delille_cellars_wedding 068delille_cellars_wedding 069delille_cellars_wedding 070

leslie of seattle parties got that dance floor hot!

delille_cellars_wedding 071delille_cellars_wedding 072delille_cellars_wedding 073delille_cellars_wedding 074reception dancing at delille cellarsdelille_cellars_wedding 076delille_cellars_wedding 077delille_cellars_wedding 078delille_cellars_wedding 079delille_cellars_wedding 080delille_cellars_wedding 081delille_cellars_wedding 082

amazing day!

delille_cellars_wedding 083

venue – delille cellars

officiant – annemarie juhlian

wedding planner/floral – simply wed

dj – seattle parties

cake – the people’s cake

videography – medici studios

hair – janelle irvine

gown – la belle reve

catering – the barking frog

transportation – british motor coach & harlow’s trailways

rentals – aa party rentals & bbj linens

favors – hanson ellis

ceremony music – julian catford



  1. Annemarie Juhlian on September 25, 2013 at 10:09 am

    Happiness everywhere in this beautiful blog post! Yeah, jenny! Congratulations, Dennis & Beverly!

  2. Beverly Huo on September 25, 2013 at 4:51 pm

    Jenny, once again, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU, so much, from the bottom of my heart!! You so perfectly captured the beautiful moments and memories of this day and we will treasure them for the rest of our lives. You have this incredible ability to bring to the forefront our exact personalities, relationship and love. I am reliving the whole day just by looking at these…what a fun- and emotion-filled ride! So many precious people…our family & friends many of whom live on the opposite side of the country or overseas, so magical to have all of them in one place. You even got me crying on the dance floor with my two far-away bridesmaids who I see only once every few years (if we’re lucky), I can’t believe you caught that moment!!! Gosh GG. Put simply, YOU ROCK!!!

  3. glenda coryell on September 25, 2013 at 5:14 pm

    Lets get this party started! The colors in this wedding are fantastic. So very beautiful. You are the greatest Jenny gg

  4. Mildred C Ferguson on September 25, 2013 at 5:47 pm

    I guess the Ma of the bride gets to comment next and see your pretty neat blog post, jenny. Thank you very much for all these awesome photos. I know that despite our brief acquaintance/encounter/interaction, i feel you are a wonderful photographer and a beautiful person inside and out. You did wonders on all the guests and the family in action at this wedding party, and also on the wedding accessories/ornaments. Thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures with us. I’m sure there are still more pictures to see. You are amazing and you rock! Thanks once again and keep up the good work.

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