woodinville wedding – novelty hill januik winery – sarah and jeff

wedding at novelty hill januik winery

jeff and sarah’s woodinville wedding at novelty hill/januik winery was on the hottest day of summer so far but they were straight up cool…and there were gifs galore…

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while the chicks were getting dolled up, the boys got their super mario bros on…

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i had big fun with this wedding party – for obvious reasons…

sarahjeffblog-22 sarahjeffblog-23 sarahjeffblog-24

jeff is one of the masterminds behind the awesomeness that is giffy so my homage to them is a gif…or two….


sarahjeffblog-25 sarahjeffblog-26 sarahjeffblog-27 sarahjeffblog-28 sarahjeffblog-29 sarahjeffblog-30 sarahjeffblog-31 sarahjeffblog-32 sarahjeffblog-33 sarahjeffblog-34 sarahjeffblog-35

reverend ray’s ceremony was short but oh so sweet!

sarahjeffblog-36 sarahjeffblog-37 sarahjeffblog-38 sarahjeffblog-39 sarahjeffblog-40


sarahjeffblog-41 sarahjeffblog-42 sarahjeffblog-43

jeff is definitely related to his dad…love a dad photobomb don’t you!?

sarahjeffblog-44 sarahjeffblog-45 sarahjeffblog-46 sarahjeffblog-47 sarahjeffblog-48 sarahjeffblog-49 sarahjeffblog-50 sarahjeffblog-51 sarahjeffblog-52 sarahjeffblog-53 sarahjeffblog-54 sarahjeffblog-55 sarahjeffblog-56 sarahjeffblog-57

no first dance…a first giffy!

sarahjeffblog-58 sarahjeffblog-59 sarahjeffblog-60 sarahjeffblog-61 sarahjeffblog-62

brilliant day!

venue – novelty hill/januik winery

officiant – reverend ray

dj – adam’s dj

fun gif booth – giffy (super fun!)



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