woodinville wedding – the hollywood schoolhouse – tara and jordan

hollywood schoolhouse, wedding, jenny gg, woodinville

meet tara and jordan – this sweet couple had a beautiful day at the hollywood schoolhouse in woodinville.

TJschool-2 TJschool-3

tara got all of her girls these cool wine glass name charms and matching robes…

TJschool-4 TJschool-5 TJschool-6 TJschool-7 TJschool-8 TJschool-9 TJschool-10 TJschool-11

we did a ‘first look’ for dad before going to see jordan…tara’s dad is so sweet

TJschool-12 TJschool-13 TJschool-14 TJschool-15 TJschool-16 TJschool-17 TJschool-18 TJschool-19 TJschool-20 TJschool-21

that pop of orange in the flowers was awesome right?!

TJschool-22 TJschool-23 TJschool-24 TJschool-25 TJschool-26 TJschool-27

the grounds around the schoolhouse are beautiful this time of year…

TJschool-28 TJschool-29 TJschool-30

grandma love!!

TJschool-31 TJschool-32 TJschool-33 TJschool-34 TJschool-35 TJschool-37 TJschool-38 TJschool-39 TJschool-40

my favorite portrait from the day is below…they are married, relaxed and just chillin’

TJschool-41 TJschool-42 TJschool-43

they had so many details…a nod to their love of seahawks, to their love of hawaii, family and wine…

TJschool-44 TJschool-45 TJschool-46 TJschool-47 TJschool-48 TJschool-49 TJschool-50

you might recognize that cute couple above – cara and steve are the reason i got to know tara and jordan and i know cara and steve because of cory and kurt!  referrals are THE best and i am SO fortunate to have met all of these great folks…

TJschool-51 TJschool-52 TJschool-53 TJschool-54 TJschool-55 TJschool-56 TJschool-57

after some sweet choreographed first dances, the party got started big time…

TJschool-58 TJschool-59 TJschool-60 TJschool-61 TJschool-62 TJschool-63 TJschool-64 TJschool-65 TJschool-66 TJschool-67 TJschool-68

fun day!

venue and catering – the hollywood schoolhouse

hair/makeup – offwhite hair and makeup

floral – denney-designs

cake – creative cake designs

didi rocked the aloha big time in the gg fauxtobooth – CLICK HERE to snag your photos


  1. Pam Bunker, MOB on May 27, 2014 at 2:18 pm

    Awesome pictures! You captured a beautiful, magical day for our family!

  2. Didi Von Bargen-Miles on May 27, 2014 at 9:39 pm

    Such a fun day!

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