woodinville wedding – the hollywood schoolhouse – alex and chad

woodinville wedding, same sex wedding, hollywood schoolhouse

alex and chad’s wedding day at the hollywood schoolhouse was a celebration of friends, family and so much love.  i met the boys (as i have been lovingly referring to them since last summer) in the lobby of willows lodge before we all headed up to their room to get ready…

chalex-2 chalex-3

chad’s son liam is a super cool kid – he got ready with dad and then chilled with the video thingee in the room while we had alex and chad’s first look and portraits…

chalex-4 chalex-5 chalex-6

chalex-7 chalex-8

they kept their backs to each other and then turned around together…

chalex-9 same sex grooms first look at willows lodge chalex-11 grooms having their first look chalex-13 chalex-14 chalex-15 chalex-16 chalex-17 chalex-18 chalex-19

after a quick beer, we went to snag liam for a few portraits and to hop over to the schoolhouse to meet up with the wedding party and to get these guys hitched!

chalex-20 chalex-21 chalex-22 chalex-23 chalex-24 chalex-25 chalex-26 chalex-27 chalex-28

liam walked chad and alex’s mom walked alex half way down the aisle where they met each other and walked the rest of the way together…

chalex-29 chalex-30

alex’s tears were so sweet…

chalex-31 chalex-32 chalex-33 chalex-34

during alex’s vows, i believe he exclaimed through the tears “i can’t see!”

chalex-35 chalex-36 chalex-37 chalex-38 chalex-39 chalex-40 chalex-41 chalex-42 chalex-43 chalex-44

the wedding party all switched to chucks in order to get their party on comfortably and quite stylishly!

chalex-45 chalex-46 chalex-47 chalex-48 chalex-49 chalex-50 chalex-51 chalex-52

such an AWESOME group of people – so much fun!

chalex-53 chalex-54 chalex-55 chalex-56 chalex-57 chalex-58 chalex-59 chalex-60

after the traditional cake cutting/new shoe smelling came a good ‘ol fashion frosting face…


and then the party got started and this whole gang tore it up!

chalex-61 chalex-62 chalex-63 chalex-64 chalex-65 chalex-66 chalex-67 chalex-68 chalex-69 chalex-70 chalex-71 chalex-72

such a great day.  CHALEX = awesome.

venue/catering – the hollywood schoolhouse

dj – bret law

floral – flowers by justin

officiant – marian stewart



  1. Dana McG on June 5, 2014 at 12:35 pm

    No, seriously.
    they are a gorgeous family!
    (shoe smelling killed me.)
    Great job, Jenny!

  2. Marianne Leblanc on June 5, 2014 at 4:50 pm

    Chad & Alex-congratulations on an absolutely beautiful wedding-I want to say that the most beautiful part is the absolute joy& love on the faces of all those in attendance esp. you two and Liam. Happy days to you both.

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