westland distillery wedding – silvia and tony!

westland distilery wedding in seattle by jenny gg

silvia and tony’s wedding at westland distillery…so wonderful in so many ways…i started the day with everyone getting ready at the home of silvia’s folks.  their pup sasha greeted me with that super sweet face…

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how gorgeous are the succulents in her hair?!

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after their first look, we all headed over to the arboretum for some photo fun before heading down to the distillery…the light was amazing.

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the smell inside the distillery is really amazing – different than a winery but i really liked it…

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their ceremony was so short and sweet they almost kissed before they put on the rings!

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westland distillery wedding by jenny gg

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aces people – aces day.

venue – westland distillery

wedding planner extrordinaire – blush celebrations

dj – 206 events

bride’s dress – wai-ching

awesome organization – invisible hostess

hair/makeup – sarah piha hair design

floral – succulently urban

groom’s shiny shoes – old style shoe shine

rings – smoke and daggers

jen wade rocked the fauxtobooth – CLICK HERE to snag your images

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