2017 weddings recap – joy planned.

i’m asked occasionally why i like photographing weddings so much. i often joke that it’s because i get to eat cake every weekend. the truth is that i enjoy and thrive on the planned joy.   these couples set a date and then spend six months to a year+ to create a planned day of joy.  the cake flavors, the color of the flowers, every catering tasting and dress fitting is done with the intent of feeling joy on this one day.  i’m so fortunate to get to witness this joy – it really provides such sweetness to a world that often isn’t so sweet.  here are some moments from this year’s joyful days that i have loved.  hope you enjoy!

if you’re still here, thank you for staying to see just a glimpse of this past year’s awesome.  the last few photos are from this past weekend of new year’s festivities – such a great way to end a lovely year.  here’s to a wonderful 2018 and another year of planned joy!

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