a wedding with a view – la venta inn – marissa and dexter

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it was a wedding with a view for marissa and dexter – two amazing people that chose an amazing place for their families and friends to come together – a destination wedding for all.  la venta inn, a beautiful venue on the top of the hill in palos verdes estates…

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marissa’s beautiful smile lights up a room and her girlfriends were a total hoot…

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the light in the bride’s room was brilliant!

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the view from the ceremony site is gorgeous!

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the ceremony was short and sweet with a lovely song by an awesome b’maid…

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after their first dance and a fabulous meal, the toasts began…

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instead of throwing her bouquet, marissa gifted her bouquet to dexter’s grandma in celebration of her…such a sweet idea!

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the dance party was bomb…

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after a sweet last dance, everyone threw flower petals as they made their escape…

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beautiful day.

venue – la venta inn


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  1. Dianette Tolentino on July 8, 2015 at 6:46 pm

    This was an absolutely beautiful wedding! I cannot imagine a more perfect couple. I’m thankful that my son, Dexter, and his [now] lovely bride Marissa met each other and decided to get married. Thank you Jenny for capturing the true essence of how happy we all were. The pictures truly are beautiful.

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