tree farm wedding by jenny gg

laura and george were married at the water’s edge at munro farm, also known as triple creek farm, in olympia.  laura’s smile and george’s great laugh enveloped a day filled with family, friends and a lot of trees…

LauraGeorge-2 LauraGeorge-3 LauraGeorge-4 LauraGeorge-5 LauraGeorge-6 LauraGeorge-7

you might know george’s dad, ralph, washington’s former secretary of state…a very kind and obviously generous man…

LauraGeorge-8 LauraGeorge-9 LauraGeorge-10 LauraGeorge-11 LauraGeorge-12 LauraGeorge-13 LauraGeorge-14 LauraGeorge-15 LauraGeorge-16 LauraGeorge-17 LauraGeorge-18 LauraGeorge-19 LauraGeorge-20

as soon as laura’s sister saw her veil…well, you know…


LauraGeorge-24 LauraGeorge-23 LauraGeorge-22


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LauraGeorge-51 LauraGeorge-52 LauraGeorge-53 LauraGeorge-54 LauraGeorge-55 LauraGeorge-56 LauraGeorge-57 LauraGeorge-58 LauraGeorge-59 LauraGeorge-60 LauraGeorge-61 LauraGeorge-62 LauraGeorge-63 LauraGeorge-64 LauraGeorge-65 LauraGeorge-66 LauraGeorge-67 LauraGeorge-68 LauraGeorge-69 LauraGeorge-70 LauraGeorge-71 LauraGeorge-72 LauraGeorge-73 LauraGeorge-74 LauraGeorge-75 LauraGeorge-76 LauraGeorge-77


LauraGeorge-79 LauraGeorge-80 LauraGeorge-81 LauraGeorge-82 LauraGeorge-83 LauraGeorge-84 LauraGeorge-85 LauraGeorge-86 LauraGeorge-87 LauraGeorge-88 LauraGeorge-89 LauraGeorge-90 LauraGeorge-91 LauraGeorge-92 LauraGeorge-93 LauraGeorge-94 LauraGeorge-95 LauraGeorge-96 LauraGeorge-97 LauraGeorge-98 LauraGeorge-99 LauraGeorge-100 LauraGeorge-101 LauraGeorge-102 LauraGeorge-103 LauraGeorge-104 LauraGeorge-10 5 LauraGeorge-106 LauraGeorge-107 LauraGeorge-108 LauraGeorge-109 LauraGeorge-110 LauraGeorge-111 LauraGeorge-112 LauraGeorge-113 LauraGeorge-114 LauraGeorge-115 LauraGeorge-116 LauraGeorge-117 LauraGeorge-118 LauraGeorge-119 LauraGeorge-120 LauraGeorge-121 LauraGeorge-122

beautiful day.

venue – munro farm

catering – ez foods

appetizers – xinh’s

dj – dj moe funk

ceremony music – joe baques

cake – wagner’s bakery

hair – robert allan

makeup – blush day spa

equipment – celebrations

i want to SUPER thank jen wade for having my photo back…and front…and side…


  1. AnnMarie on October 28, 2015 at 10:42 pm

    And Amazing flowers by Jan Nutting!

    • jenny on October 28, 2015 at 10:42 pm

      absolutely – thanks for sharing!

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