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elopement on a bluff – hannah and eliza!

fort casey elopement by jenny gg

hannah and eliza had me at hello.  their humor, love of photography and the way they looked at each other made me swoon. their elopement was on a bluff at fort casey on whidbey island with a few loved ones. there was cross-stiching, a flying son, a mom with rings on her thumb, whiskey, cupcakes…

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a year of joy – 2016 weddings!

2016.  lately, every other post i see on social media has been about how awful 2016 has been.  so many deaths of people who inspired my generation.  david bowie, prince and george michael’s passing has left me longing for my teenage days when every hairbrush was a microphone.  mrs. brady and princess leia are gone…

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seattle families – the davidsons!

today marks the fourth anniversary of mary and monica’s wedding day – a beautiful wedding day that also held an amazing experience for so many same sex couples.  they were literally one of, if not the first, couples in WA to be legally married (at the stroke of midnight to be exact).  that day held…

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a new orleans wedding – tracy and jen!

tracy and jen’s wedding extravaganza in new orleans…there were many events, lots of food and even more cocktails.  this is the story of their actual wedding day…the art deco inspiration, the warm family and friends that made the trip to new orleans and the amazing weather were all perfectly fitting for this couple who love…

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alki wedding at salty’s – chip and nick!

chip and nick…two of the kindest folks i’ve ever met – true definition of gentlemen.  their wedding on alki at salty’s was filled with such fun, love and a ton of laughs.  i started my day stopping by each ‘getting ready’ zone where family and friends were hanging out to toast each groom… off to…

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discovery park wedding – liz and natalie!

liz and natalie’s wedding at daybreak star inside discovery park was filled with bright light, quiet moments and two people that were really meant to be. their reception tables had blank cakes for about every 4-5 folks to decorate during the party.  it was fun to see all of the artwork…some were abstract, some a…

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mayflower park hotel – meghan and erin!

erin and meghan’s wedding day was beautiful – we started at the mayflower park hotel where we walked a little bit downtown and then piled in to head up to volunteer park for photo fun… the light in the church was pretty… lovely day – lovely couple. hotel/catering – mayflower park hotel church – st.…

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melrose market wedding – cheryl and wendy!

cheryl and wendy’s wedding day at melrose market was wonderful…filled with hot pink, bright orange, lots of glittery gold and two of the nicest ladies ever!  i started my day with wendy getting gorgeous and chillin’ with some cuties… then off to their place where cheryl was hanging with her mama and crew and their…

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pickering barn wedding – mandy and ashley!

mandy – lightbeams shoot from her face when she smiles…. ashley – makes you feel relaxed with just one word… their wedding day at pickering barn was a wet one for sure, but sunshine was all around anyway… and the dress had pockets! ashley proposed the first time so mandy returned the favor… we only…

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