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the stables georgetown wedding – tara and leslie!

georgetown stables wedding, same sex wedding,

tara and leslie…two amazing chicks that a totally smitten with each other and sure know how to throw a party. we started our day at their home, where tara was chilling with mom, auntie and sister.  the motto of the day was ‘keep your shit together’ so i knew the day would be totally fun……

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2017 weddings recap – joy planned.

flower girl with bride and groom

i’m asked occasionally why i like photographing weddings so much. i often joke that it’s because i get to eat cake every weekend. the truth is that i enjoy and thrive on the planned joy.   these couples set a date and then spend six months to a year+ to create a planned day of joy. …

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2017 portrait recap – people are wonderful!

people often ask me “what’s your favorite thing to photograph?” the truth is that ‘things’ are never my favorite to photograph.  people.  i love people. people rock.  here is my year.  it’s a big post for sure but if you have a couple minutes, it’s a fun one! if you’re still with me, THANK YOU…

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a year of joy – 2016 weddings!

2016.  lately, every other post i see on social media has been about how awful 2016 has been.  so many deaths of people who inspired my generation.  david bowie, prince and george michael’s passing has left me longing for my teenage days when every hairbrush was a microphone.  mrs. brady and princess leia are gone…

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2015 year end portraits!

in looking back at the portraits i took in 2015, i’m struck with such gratitude.  i’m so grateful for the folks that let me into their lives; that let me tickle their babies, that let me play with their kids, that let me make crazy sounds for their puppies, that let me in on the…

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seattle wedding – mayflower park hotel – christopher and jeff

jeff and christopher got married at the mayflower park hotel on a tuesday – it was crisp and sunny and they were awesome… the most awesome annemarie juhlian officiated… andrew and his crew at the mayflower did a beautiful job on their tablescapes – each guest even had their own custom menu with their name…

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olympia wedding – indian summer country club – laura and jacob!

it was awesome being at indian summer again this fall for laura and jacob’s wedding…the air was crisp, the sun set way too quickly but their whole day was pretty darn sweet… laura’s gift to jacob had a little note that said “don’t be late!” the parents and wedding party got to watch their first…

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poulsbo wedding – kiana lodge – karolina and caleb

i love weddings at kiana lodge!  karolina and caleb came up from CA to create a destination wedding that included their love of the tv show twin peaks and since part of the show was filmed there, kiana lodge was the perfect setting….and we had the most beautiful day! pacific artistry made the bride super…

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