tacoma wedding ~ weyerhaeuser estate ~ karlee & jeremy

weyerhaeuser_wedding 001

once upon a time there was the awesomeness that is karlee and jeremy…their wedding day at the weyerhaeuser estate in tacoma was a fairytale filled with laughter, tears, ring finger flip offs and some really really good gelato!

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did i suggest a dry hump or two?…maybe

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y’all know how i feel about annemarie juhlian – her ceremony was personal, funny and totally sweet…

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karlee has the most expressive face and literally fills the room (or lawn as it were) with joy…

weyerhaeuser_wedding 036weyerhaeuser_wedding 037weyerhaeuser_wedding 038weyerhaeuser_wedding 039weyerhaeuser_wedding 040weyerhaeuser_wedding 041weyerhaeuser_wedding 042weyerhaeuser_wedding 043

the sunset brought the most amazing purple/pink sky!

weyerhaeuser_wedding 044weyerhaeuser_wedding 045weyerhaeuser_wedding 046weyerhaeuser_wedding 047weyerhaeuser_wedding 048weyerhaeuser_wedding 049weyerhaeuser_wedding 050weyerhaeuser_wedding 051weyerhaeuser_wedding 052weyerhaeuser_wedding 053weyerhaeuser_wedding 054weyerhaeuser_wedding 055

and they lived happily ever after…

venue – weyerhaeuser estate

catering – blue ribbon culinary

officiant – annemarie juhlian

dj – michael duncan

bridal gown – david tutera


  1. Annemarie Juhlian on September 11, 2013 at 10:22 am

    Jenny! Let me be the first to say…simply put, truly BEAUTIFUL!

  2. Kari Boyd on September 11, 2013 at 8:56 pm

    I’ll be the second to say… actually I have no words! Once again, Jenny, you have delivered absolute perfection! LOVED, LOVED, LOVED going through these … with my seester on the phone of course! 🙂 such a beautiful day!

  3. Cindy Gibson on September 11, 2013 at 9:35 pm

    Jenny…beautiful as always!! Just wish I could have been there to celebrate with Karlee and Jeremy!! Karlee…you look absolutely stunning!! What a gorgeous venue…Karl and Connie Glasgow know how to throw a party that is for sure!!

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