sole repair wedding – rose and jason!

sole repair wedding by jenny gg

there’s a saying that goes “and a good time was had by all”…well, rose and jason’s wedding at sole repair was that in a nutshell!  rose has a mix of style and sass that is a ton of fun and jason is a unique combo of serious and silly that i get a kick out of…

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this lady above is the reason i got to meet rose and jason – i loved shooting emily and nick’s wedding and was so thrilled to spend a little time with them…

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everyone getting married has their moment when ‘sh*t gets real’ – this was the moment for sweet rose…

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how could i not post that interaction?!

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funny thing was that all i asked them to do was shift a little to their left…

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rose has a love of sunflowers…

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and everyone loves cocktails!

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julie, a bridesmaid, sang a song she wrote that had a lot of the room in tears…it was lovely as well that they opted for an ‘unplugged ceremony’ so the room was silent (so grateful for my silent shutter) while she sang…really nice…

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blush celebrations executed their day flawlessly – their ‘cards against humanity’ theme was super fun – they made a ‘marriage against humanity’ opportunity to write cards for the couple to add to the deck…

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party on!

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venue/catering – sole repair

wedding planner – blush celebrations

dj – 206 events

sweets – the confectional

floral – moon bloom


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