snohomish wedding photography ~ twin willow gardens ~ alexis and dylan

twin_willows 001

alexis and dylan’s wedding at twin willow gardens was gorgeous…gorgeous people with gorgeous hearts…

twin_willows 002twin_willows 003twin_willows 004twin_willows 005twin_willows 006twin_willows 007

alexis has the best smile ever…

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i love how they used hops throughout their day…they love beer and beer loves them…

twin_willows 032twin_willows 033twin_willows 034twin_willows 035twin_willows 036twin_willows 037twin_willows 038twin_willows 039twin_willows 040twin_willows 041twin_willows 042

skillet food truck….yummmmmm

twin willow gardens wedding gif

twin_willows 043twin_willows 044twin_willows 045twin_willows 046twin_willows 047twin_willows 048twin_willows 049twin_willows 050twin_willows 051twin_willows 052twin_willows 053twin_willows 054twin_willows 055twin_willows 056twin_willows 057twin_willows 058twin_willows 059twin_willows 060twin_willows 061

awesome group – awesome day!

venue – twin willow gardens

day of coordinator – gingerlou events

floral – flowers by karen

dj – dj drew

catering – skillet street food


  1. Nance Schultz on October 6, 2013 at 10:54 am

    I can feel the love all over again. Jenny, you captured the atmosphere of the whole day. Job well done. nance schultz

  2. Nance Schultz on October 6, 2013 at 4:56 pm

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