familypumpkin 001

i met little miss kirahlin and her parents at bob’s corn maze and pumpkin farm for some pumpkin photo fun – kirahlin’s baby brother was coming soon and mom wanted some photos of them while they were still three…

familypumpkin 002familypumpkin 003familypumpkin 004familypumpkin 005

we played with pumpkins…

familypumpkin 006

familypumpkin 007

and a wheelbarrow…

familypumpkin 008familypumpkin 009familypumpkin 010familypumpkin 011familypumpkin 012

kirahlin has grown so big since i last photographed her – here’s a link to her newborn session

familypumpkin 013familypumpkin 014

we even got some yummy corn to share!

familypumpkin 015familypumpkin 016

i get to meet and photograph kirahlin’s new brother tomorrow so more photos with this sweet family soon!!

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