sequim wedding ~ fern hollow ~ mary & scott

fern_hollow_wedding 001

mary and scott got married on a rainy day out at fern hollow in sequim…well, it only rained for a little while and then became a totally beautiful day!

fern_hollow_wedding 002

fern_hollow_wedding 003fern_hollow_wedding 004

i’m so glad they believed the rain would go away…

fern_hollow_wedding 005fern_hollow_wedding 006fern_hollow_wedding 007fern_hollow_wedding 008fern_hollow_wedding 009fern_hollow_wedding 010fern_hollow_wedding 011fern_hollow_wedding 012fern_hollow_wedding 013fern_hollow_wedding 014fern_hollow_wedding 015fern_hollow_wedding 016

they passed their rings around to all of the guests…so that they could put good thoughts and blessings on them…very cool.

fern_hollow_wedding 017fern_hollow_wedding 018fern_hollow_wedding 019fern_hollow_wedding 020fern_hollow_wedding 021fern_hollow_wedding 022fern_hollow_wedding 023fern_hollow_wedding 024fern_hollow_wedding 025

fern hollow wedding by jenny gg

fern_hollow_wedding 026fern_hollow_wedding 027fern_hollow_wedding 028fern_hollow_wedding 029fern_hollow_wedding 030fern_hollow_wedding 031fern_hollow_wedding 032fern_hollow_wedding 033fern_hollow_wedding 034fern_hollow_wedding 035fern_hollow_wedding 036fern_hollow_wedding 037

the sun even appeared for a little bit!

fern_hollow_wedding 038fern_hollow_wedding 039fern_hollow_wedding 040fern_hollow_wedding 041fern_hollow_wedding 042


pbjs grilled came all the way up from portland – YUMMY!!

fern_hollow_wedding 043

scott painted their cake toppers…he explained the characters to me, but i’m a bit of a dork and kind of forget, but i love unique stuff like that…

fern_hollow_wedding 044fern_hollow_wedding 045

that kid’s face was awesome!!

fern_hollow_wedding 046fern_hollow_wedding 047fern_hollow_wedding 048fern_hollow_wedding 049

great day!

venue – fern hollow

food truck – pbj’s grilled

catering/bartending – essence of the thymes


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