seattle weddings – within sodo – fred and greg!

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fred and greg’s wedding day at within sodo was filled with laughter, lots of hugs, ‘happy dances’ and tons of red.  i met these two wonderful guys at roger and todd’s wedding day last summer – they pretty much had me at hello.  we started our day at their west seattle home where everyone was getting ready…

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the ‘boys’ have two boys – their wedding party was their sons and that was pretty awesome…

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we had a fun stroll around the venue and even stopped at westland distillery for a little taste of yummy whiskey!

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this wedding processional was the MOST lively ever – they were jumping in and the floor was bouncing – these guys were getting married their way!

FGwithin-27 FGwithin-28 FGwithin-29 FGwithin-30 FGwithin-31 FGwithin-32 FGwithin-33 FGwithin-34 FGwithin-35

and they jumped their way right out again and right into the party!!

FGwithin-36 FGwithin-37 FGwithin-38 FGwithin-39 FGwithin-40 FGwithin-41 FGwithin-42 FGwithin-43 FGwithin-44 FGwithin-45 FGwithin-46 FGwithin-47 FGwithin-48 FGwithin-49 FGwithin-50

big love to fred and greg – muwahh!

venue – within sodo

catering – duos catering

the dj, decorating, floral was all done by family and friends!


  1. Didi Von Bargen-Miles on August 14, 2014 at 8:55 am

    Holy Red-letter-day that looks fun! 🙂

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