seattle weddings – lake washington rowing club – jenny and lara


i think jenny and lara are great.  we had such fun during their engagement session – i knew their wedding would rock…and it did.

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so their besties brought them out with their eyes closed and we put them back to back…

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they had written notes to each other and read them before turning around…

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the wedding party was an official ‘hoot’…

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jenny and lara wrote their own vows and didn’t share them with each other AND they managed to quote THE SAME song lyrics – rap lyrics i believe…

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every time there is a head table, i see the ‘last supper’ painting – this group obliged hilariously

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the ladies each danced with their mothers while a friend sang the song – not a dry eye in the house…

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then dad stepped up and danced with them both…

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party on!

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storyboard007 storyboard008

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beautiful day in so many ways.

venue – lake washington rowing club

rentals – grand event rentals & aurora rentals

floral – flowers by k

day of coordinator – katie lange events

hair & makeup – latay blankenship

cake – megan erickson

cupcakes – fantazmal cakes

bar service – prive events

catering – veraci pizza

dj – ryan crawford


  1. Willis Pracht on August 23, 2014 at 7:42 am

    This was the most wonderful day of my life! Such a beautiful wedding of two amazing people! I love you both dearly! Dad

  2. Sonny on August 23, 2014 at 11:35 am

    Amazing day to be a part of. I’m am glad I was there for a beautiful wedding and Union of two outstanding souls! Sonny

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