seattle weddings – lake union cafe – jamie and melissa

same sex wedding in seattle by jenny gg

i was SO stoked when jamie and melissa chose to have me photograph their wedding day at lake union cafe – these ladies are aces – totally genuine, totally kind and totally in love – we started our day outside of their home in capitol hill – they wanted to take some portraits around their building before heading over to the cafe…

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they have the best scrunch noses ever!

JamMelblog-9 JamMelblog-10 JamMelblog-11 JamMelblog-12 JamMelblog-13 JamMelblog-14 JamMelblog-15 JamMelblog-16 JamMelblog-17

the ceremony was for immediate family only…short but totally sweet and oh so loving…

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and then all their friends showed up to party like rockstars…

JamMelblog-31 JamMelblog-32 JamMelblog-33 JamMelblog-34 JamMelblog-35 JamMelblog-36 JamMelblog-37 JamMelblog-38 JamMelblog-39 JamMelblog-40 JamMelblog-41 JamMelblog-42 JamMelblog-43 JamMelblog-44 JamMelblog-45 JamMelblog-46 JamMelblog-47 JamMelblog-48 JamMelblog-49 JamMelblog-50

dicks burgers as a late night snack?  hell yes – great time with some great chicks!


venue – lake union cafe

dj/pianist – joe yamada

officiant – amber bartz


  1. Grandema Sue on November 8, 2014 at 3:58 pm

    Fabulous photos! The Brides surely made the right choice of photographers.
    Beautiful and creative just like the Brides.
    Thank you so much,

  2. Sarah on December 10, 2014 at 3:48 pm

    Beautiful dresses! Yay for non-strapless dresses too. Dicks burgers? Um, heck yeah!

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