seattle weddings – hotel ballard – anna and max

hotel ballard wedding

the new luxury hotel ballard is awesome and it was SO awesome to get to photograph anna and max’s wedding day there…

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everyone got ready on the rooftop…the girls getting ready on one end with the boys chilling on the other…

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i loved the way anna’s face beamed when she looked at max…every time…

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their rooftop ceremony was beautiful…

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anna’s uncle walked her down the aisle – such a sweet sweet man.

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super fun day.

venue – hotel ballard

catering/sweets – stoneburner

hair/makeup – offwhite makeup and beauty

floral – juniper flowers


  1. Elaine Way on September 5, 2014 at 8:08 am

    Jenny, I love these photos. I especially love what you did with the rings with the blue flowers. Beautiful!

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