seattle wedding – within sodo – jordan and daniel

seattle wedding at within sodo by jenny gg

jordan and daniel are one of those couples that i meet and then get super giddy about afterwards…like i did a “pick me” dance/chant in the parking lot after our first meeting.  you see, i met jordan at mallory and jesse’s wedding and then again at kim and seth’s wedding (where she was a bridesmaid) – when she called me about her wedding, i was thrilled….THEN i met daniel and dude, i was super excited.  these two are not only two of the kindest, most super fun people ever but they are madly and deeply in love…and that makes for some really yummy photo fun…


we started the day at the four seasons hotel where the ladies of urbanista weddings were making some magic…

JorDanblog-3 JorDanblog-4

i normally delete most photos of people looking at their phones, but the ladies were looking at the beautiful jordan who got to be a model for this years get hitched give hope campaign (awesome charity that you should check out)!

JorDanblog-5 JorDanblog-6 JorDanblog-7 JorDanblog-8

mama hugs are the best.


dan was ready to rock and waiting for jordan at within sodo…we then took a little stroll around the block for some portraits…

JorDanblog-10 JorDanblog-11 JorDanblog-12 JorDanblog-13 JorDanblog-14 JorDanblog-15 JorDanblog-16 JorDanblog-17 JorDanblog-18 JorDanblog-19 JorDanblog-20 JorDanblog-21 JorDanblog-22 JorDanblog-23 JorDanblog-24

don’t they look like something out of an old hollywood film?!

JorDanblog-24a JorDanblog-25 JorDanblog-25a JorDanblog-26

SUCH a fun group of folks and en fleur’s floral really popped against all of that black…

JorDanblog-29 JorDanblog-30 JorDanblog-32 JorDanblog-33 JorDanblog-34 JorDanblog-36 JorDanblog-37 JorDanblog-37a JorDanblog-39 JorDanblog-39a JorDanblog-40 JorDanblog-41

one of their close friends officiated for them – she evoked quite a few tears and just as many laughs…

JorDanblog-42 JorDanblog-43 JorDanblog-44 JorDanblog-45 JorDanblog-46 JorDanblog-47 JorDanblog-47a

megan and her team from a kurant event is awesome – just totally awesome.

JorDanblog-48 JorDanblog-50 JorDanblog-51 JorDanblog-52

a little cocktail hour and a few sun beam photos and then down to get their grub on skillet style…

JorDanblog-53 JorDanblog-54 JorDanblog-55 JorDanblog-56 JorDanblog-57 JorDanblog-58 JorDanblog-59 JorDanblog-60 JorDanblog-61 JorDanblog-62 JorDanblog-63

cheesecake for dessert?  yes please!

JorDanblog-64 JorDanblog-65 JorDanblog-66 JorDanblog-67 JorDanblog-68 JorDanblog-69 JorDanblog-70 JorDanblog-71 JorDanblog-72

sean from seattle parties blew it up!

JorDanblog-73 JorDanblog-74 JorDanblog-74a JorDanblog-75 JorDanblog-76 JorDanblog-77 JorDanblog-78 JorDanblog-79 JorDanblog-81

great time had by all!

venue – within sodo

hotel – four seasons

catering – skillet

coordination – a kurant event

hair/makeup – urbanista weddings

dj – seattle parties

floral – en fleur events

rental – pedersons

photography – me!



  1. MAD Dawg on November 2, 2014 at 11:27 pm

    I love being having been a part of this union. I have eagerly been awaiting this post . This was the best bridal party I’ve been honored to a part of. Jordan is amazing, and Dan is too (and could be even more awesome if he were to finish the WOT 😉 ).

  2. Sean Wheatley on November 3, 2014 at 3:51 pm

    Amazing pictures. No surprise there. I had a blast at this one. So fun to see the whole story.

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