seattle wedding – st james cathedral and bell harbor – julia and spencer

st james cathedral wedding by jenny gg

julia and spencer’s wedding day at st james cathedral and bell harbor was traditional, classic and beautiful…the day began at the sheraton on the waterfront…

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i told the girls to make her happy!

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on to the church and their first look…

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i kinda love it when a groom cries…

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their wedding party was comprised of siblings and best friends – all of which were totally fun…

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the sky right before the ceremony was so cool…

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on the way to the reception, we stopped for a few portraits here and there…

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their bell harbor reception was already hopping when we arrived…

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sunset brought the most interesting light through the clouds…

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get it???

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bamboo beats tore it up!

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spencer’s sweet mom showed me this gift that julia gave her – so sweet and a great way to end my story of their day.


so sweet.

church – st james cathedral

reception – bell harbor conference center

floral – en fleur events

transportation – british motor coach

dj – bamboo beats


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