seattle wedding ~ portage bay and fcc ~ caro and cindy


caro and cindy…two individually amazing women that combined are nothing short of amazeballzerific (boom – new word!)  their day started with getting ready at caro’s childhood church – i loved how we had this sweet little garden for photos right smack dab in the middle of all of these skyscrapers.

portage-2 portage-3 bride getting ready at church portage-5 portage-7 best day ever tie pin portage-8

their first look was so fun – everyone watched from the window and cindy’s face was priceless!

first look between two brides portage-10 portage-11

same sex wedding portraits by jenny gg portage-13 portage-14 bride and bride portraits by jenny gg portage-16 portage-17 same sex wedding party by jenny gg portage-19 portage-20

friends sang throughout their ceremony – so cool…

church wedding ceremony by jenny gg portage-22 portage-23 portage-24 portage-25 portage-26 portage-27 portage-28 portage-29 portage-30 portage-31 portage-32 portage-33

i usually don’t post family photos, but there was a little bit ‘o craziness during photo time – caro’s folks are a crack up…



portage bay cafe was the perfect setting for their reception – friends decorated the joint with the cutest glassware and little cards for guests to write love notes to the couple…

portage-36 bamboo beats dj at portage bay by jenny gg

you know bamboo beats blew it up!

portage-38 portage-39 portage-40 portage-41 portage-42 portage-43 portage-44 portage-45 portage-46 portage-47

their first dance was choreographed in such a cool way…they walked around each other all flirty and coy before coming together…

portage-48 portage-49 portage-50 portage-51 portage-52 portage-53

have i mentioned that caro’s folks are a total hoot?

portage-54 portage-55 portage-56 portage-57 portage-58 portage-59 portage-60 portage-61

good stuff fo sho

ceremony – first congregational church of bellevue

reception – portage bay cafe

dj – bamboo beats

photography – jenny gg!

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