seattle wedding – lake union cafe – ramah and jamie

lake union cafe wedding

it’s PRIDE sunday here in seattle and checking out the lake union cafe wedding of ramah and jamie is a great way to celebrate!  these chicks are straight up awesome – we started our day at the alexis hotel…

ramjam-2 ramjam-3 ramjam-4

this might be my favorite getting ready photo ever – there might be a little story going on here…

ramjam-5 ramjam-6

jamie, the self proclaimed “broom” wanted to see ramah at their special park up on cap hill – it happens to also be the park where she proposed to ramah…

ramjam-7 ramjam-8 ramjam-9 ramjam-10 ramjam-11 ramjam-12 ramjam-13 ramjam-14 ramjam-15 ramjam-16 ramjam-17 ramjam-18 ramjam-19

super fun right?!  then off to the lake union cafe to get hitched and get the party started!!

ramjam-20 ramjam-21 ramjam-22 ramjam-23 ramjam-24 ramjam-25 ramjam-26 ramjam-27 ramjam-28 ramjam-29 ramjam-30 ramjam-31 ramjam-32 ramjam-33 ramjam-34 ramjam-35 ramjam-36 ramjam-37 ramjam-38 ramjam-39 ramjam-40 ramjam-41 ramjam-42 ramjam-43 ramjam-44 ramjam-45 ramjam-46 ramjam-47 ramjam-48 ramjam-49 ramjam-50 ramjam-51 ramjam-52 ramjam-53 ramjam-54 ramjam-55 ramjam-56 ramjam-57

i see you dad…

ramjam-58 ramjam-59 ramjam-60 ramjam-61 ramjam-62 ramjam-63 ramjam-64 ramjam-65 ramjam-66

champagne good.

ramjam-67 ramjam-68

ramjam = awesome

hotel – alexis

venue – lake union cafe

ceremony music – quartet evolution

dj – city dj

umbrellas – bella umbrella


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