seattle wedding – lake union cafe – rachel and craig


rachel and craig’s wedding day at lake union cafe was brilliant.  rachel’s dress was brilliant, her wedding party was brilliant in like 15 different ways and the brilliance of rachel and craig’s love is pretty epic.  i started my day with the boys while they enjoyed some football…

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then i headed down to the alexis where the ladies were getting made up and rachel’s smile beamed…

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erin hunt did a super job with makeup while her sweet uncle played with the hairs…

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i really love her dress – who would think that stripes on a wedding dress would be so great?!

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craig face is priceless!

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post alley made a great place for the wedding party photos…

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seattle wedding at lake union cafe by jenny gg

off to the cafe!

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i love that she saved the veil for the aisle…givin’ something new – i dig it…

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craig’s brother in law gave a native blessing with song – so so so cool…

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time to party!

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the one above and the one below are my absolute faves from the day – such joy…

rachcraigblog-91 rachcraigblog-92

great day.

venue/catering/floral/cake – lake union cafe

bride’s dress – anne barge and the nordstrom bridal suite
bridesmaids dresses – alfred Sung and toast bridal
makeup – erin hunt
hair – art healey
pianist – andrew seifert
dj/mc/lighting – seattle wedding dj
videographer – seattle wedding videography
transportation – british motor coach
wedding invitations and programs – magnetstreet
table number luminaries/wedding signage – mason rabbits paperie
escort animals and custom escort cards – scripted ever after

jen wade rocked the gg fauxtobooth – CLICK HERE to snag your images!


  1. jen wade on November 20, 2014 at 7:47 pm

    beautiful bride! i LOVE her dress! pretty awesome photos too!

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