seattle wedding ~ the hall at fauntleroy ~ carrie and joey

bride and groom at lincoln park in west seattle

carrie and joey’s west seattle wedding was gorgeous in so many ways.  the hall at fauntleroy was such a beautiful place and every person in their lives is gorgeous inside and out…

fauntleroy_wedding 002fauntleroy_wedding 003

the men were hanging out at carrie and joey’s home…watching soccer and having a little libation….

fauntleroy_wedding 004fauntleroy_wedding 005

while nearby the ladies were getting dolled up together…carrie’s sister and mom are a total hoot to hang out with…

fauntleroy_wedding 006fauntleroy_wedding 007fauntleroy_wedding 008fauntleroy_wedding 009fauntleroy_wedding 010fauntleroy_wedding 011fauntleroy_wedding 012

lincoln park was a great spot for their first look and all of their wedding party photos…

fauntleroy_wedding 013fauntleroy_wedding 014fauntleroy_wedding 015fauntleroy_wedding 016fauntleroy_wedding 017fauntleroy_wedding 018fauntleroy_wedding 019fauntleroy_wedding 020

both joey and carrie are huge cross fit folks – joey’s big guns were hidden a bit in his jacket but check out the muscles on carrie!!

fauntleroy_wedding 021fauntleroy_wedding 022fauntleroy_wedding 023fauntleroy_wedding 024ceremony at the hall at fauntleroy in west seattle by jenny ggfauntleroy_wedding 026fauntleroy_wedding 027fauntleroy_wedding 028fauntleroy_wedding 029fauntleroy_wedding 030

they passed their rings around to every guest before putting them on – everyone could put good thoughts or a prayer on them…

fauntleroy_wedding 031fauntleroy_wedding 032fauntleroy_wedding 033fauntleroy_wedding 034fauntleroy_wedding 035fauntleroy_wedding 036fauntleroy_wedding 037fauntleroy_wedding 038fauntleroy_wedding 039

each table was represented by one of the awesome women in their lives…

fauntleroy_wedding 040fauntleroy_wedding 041fauntleroy_wedding 042fauntleroy_wedding 043fauntleroy_wedding 044fauntleroy_wedding 045fauntleroy_wedding 046fauntleroy_wedding 047fauntleroy_wedding 048fauntleroy_wedding 049fauntleroy_wedding 050fauntleroy_wedding 051fauntleroy_wedding 052fauntleroy_wedding 053fauntleroy_wedding 054fauntleroy_wedding 055

party on!

fauntleroy_wedding 056fauntleroy_wedding 057fauntleroy_wedding 058fauntleroy_wedding 059fauntleroy_wedding 060fauntleroy_wedding 061


venue – the hall at fauntleroy

wedding planner – all the flutter

catering – tuxedos and tennis shoes

sweets – cupcake royale

dj –

makeup – offwhite beauty


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