seattle wedding – golden gardens bathhouse – rebecca and sayre

golden gardens bathhouse wedding by jenny gg

rebecca and sayre’s golden gardens bathhouse wedding day was filled with sunshine and swing dances…our day started at the ballard inn, the new GORGEOUS hotel in ballard.  the ladies were getting ready – there may have been some jumping on the bed a little bit too…

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on our way to their first look at the ballard locks, rebecca and her dad took a little ride in a swanky british motor coach car…

rebsayblog-8 rebsayblog-9 rebsayblog-10 first look at ballard locks rebsayblog-12

after their sweet first look and a few quick portraits, we headed over to the bathhouse to meet the wedding party and to get them hitched!

rebsayblog-13 rebsayblog-14 handmade wedding rigns in seattle rebsayblog-16 rebsayblog-17 wedding party at golden gardens beach rebsayblog-19 rebsayblog-20 rebsayblog-21 rebsayblog-22 rebsayblog-23 bride and father at wedding ceremony golden gardens rebsayblog-25

their ceremony was held out on the lawn – the weather was great and while their ceremony got a bit derailed (har har) by a 3-4 minute train – everything got back on track (oh, i’m killin’ it here)

rebsayblog-27 rebsayblog-28 rebsayblog-29 rebsayblog-30 wedding ceremony on lawn at golden gardens rebsayblog-32 rebsayblog-33 rebsayblog-34 rebsayblog-35 rebsayblog-36 rebsayblog-37 rebsayblog-38 rebsayblog-39 rebsayblog-40 rebsayblog-41 rebsayblog-42 rebsayblog-43 rebsayblog-44 rebsayblog-45 rebsayblog-46 bride throwing bouquet at golden gardens rebsayblog-48 rebsayblog-49

remember i mentioned swing dancing earlier?  well, rebecca and sayre tore it up and their friends quickly joined in!

rebsayblog-50 rebsayblog-51 rebsayblog-52 rebsayblog-53 rebsayblog-54 rebsayblog-55 rebsayblog-56 swing dancing at golden gardens bathhouse rebsayblog-58 rebsayblog-59 rebsayblog-60 rebsayblog-61 rebsayblog-62 rebsayblog-63

the end of the day brought some sweet light…but we got right back for more dancing!

rebsayblog-64 bride and groom at waterline at beach rebsayblog-66 rebsayblog-67 rebsayblog-68 rebsayblog-69 rebsayblog-70 rebsayblog-71 rebsayblog-72 rebsayblog-73 rebsayblog-74 bride and groom sunset photo

lovely day.

hotel – hotel ballard

venue – golden gardens bathhouse



  1. sara on June 22, 2014 at 11:59 am

    this is probably the prettiest wedding i’ve seen at golden gardens! i love all of the photos you captured of the couple! such a beautiful day! great job lady!

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