seattle wedding – college club – karina and coleman

wedding at college club in seattle by jenny gg

karina and coleman’s wedding day at college club was filled with arg, laughter, more arg, yetis, good times and more arg…you see, it was national talk like a pirate day and this particular couple hearts the yeti…in a big way…

KarCole-2 KarCole-3 KarCole-4 KarCole-5 KarCole-6 KarCole-7 KarCole-8 KarCole-9 KarCole-10 KarCole-11 KarCole-12 KarCole-13 KarCole-14 KarCole-15 KarCole-16 KarCole-17 KarCole-18 KarCole-19 KarCole-20

their daughter is such a joy and that dimple kills me every time…

KarCole-21 KarCole-22 KarCole-23 KarCole-24


KarCole-25 KarCole-26 KarCole-27 KarCole-28 KarCole-29 KarCole-30

i love how the weight on the dock always brings a little wet…

KarCole-31 KarCole-32 KarCole-33 KarCole-34 KarCole-35 KarCole-36 KarCole-37 KarCole-38 KarCole-39


KarCole-40 KarCole-41 KarCole-42 KarCole-43 KarCole-44 KarCole-45 KarCole-46 KarCole-47 KarCole-48 KarCole-49 KarCole-50 KarCole-51 KarCole-52 KarCole-53 KarCole-54 KarCole-55

so they flipped the script on most weddings – after the party, the wedding party hopped in a party bus in search of graffiti and the elusive yeti….both were found…

KarCole-56 KarCole-57 KarCole-58 KarCole-59 KarCole-60 KarCole-61 KarCole-62 KarCole-63 KarCole-64 KarCole-65 KarCole-66 KarCole-67

yeti found!  good times.

venue – college club seattle

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