seattle maternity – jack jr is getting a sister!

birth announcement by jenny gg

back in may, i met up with the piper family at green lake to create an announcement for their expectant arrival – it was also the moment that niki and jack told jack jr – his little surprised face was all kinds of cute….

chalkboard birth announcement

so here we are, seven months later and their baby girl is coming any day now!  we met near pickering barn for some maternity session giggles and a stroll in the leaves…

issaquah maternity session Pbelly2blog-4 Pbelly2blog-5 Pbelly2blog-6 Pbelly2blog-7 Pbelly2blog-8 Pbelly2blog-9 Pbelly2blog-10 Pbelly2blog-11 Pbelly2blog-12 Pbelly2blog-13 Pbelly2blog-14 Pbelly2blog-15 Pbelly2blog-16 Pbelly2blog-17 fall maternity session by jenny gg

jack jr is so ready for this new arrival – stay tuned for more from this fave family soon!


  1. Niki on November 29, 2015 at 8:57 pm

    These are so great! I cried! You got such great photos of Jack Jr, even with his lack of cooperation! Love em!!!

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