seattle family photography ~ snohomish ~ owen and wyatt smash!

cake smash 001

this past year has been such a joy getting to know johnny and jessica and their super sweet boys wyatt and owen. when jessica said she wanted to let her boys do a ‘cake smash’ to celebrate their turning one, i said count me in!  CLICK HERE to see their newborn awesomeness – so much changes in this first year…

first year birthday sign for twins

look at these super cool signs jessica made for their upcoming party!

cake smash 003cake smash 004cake smash 005cake smash 006cake smash 007cake smash 008cake smash 009cake smash 010

after some family photos, it was time to get down and dirty with some cake action…

cake smash 011cake smash 012twins baby cake smash

two seconds into the cake…one of the boys was delighted and the other…well…

cake smash 014cake smash 015cake smash 016

owen said ‘see ya’ but wyatt was happy to get in a few more bites…happy birthday boys!!!

cake smash 017


  1. Lynne Sullivan on April 11, 2014 at 1:04 pm

    Absolutely WONDERFUL!!! So cute, so sweet!!! You captured all of it so wonderful! Congrats boys!!

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