seattle family photography ~ hotel max ~ the dyckhoff family!

bamboo_beats_family 001

meet isaac, jojo, raffy and baby delano…a rock star family…so where would be a better place to do some family photos but at a rock star hotel?!  we met up at hotel max in downtown seattle for some photo fun.  i’ll admit i was a bit nervous photographing this family – they are the brains and talent behind the awesome bamboo beats and i really wanted to do an awesome job!  i love this family and was thrilled to get to hang out with them…enjoy!

bamboo_beats_family 002

i’m loving the ‘dr. evil vibe’ of the middle photo above…’one meeeeeelion dollars!’

bamboo_beats_family 003bamboo_beats_family 004

boys will be boys!

bamboo_beats_family 005bamboo_beats_family 006bamboo_beats_family 007bamboo_beats_family 008bamboo_beats_family 009bamboo_beats_family 010

so sweet…

bamboo_beats_family 011bamboo_beats_family 012

guess who is three and a chip off the daddy block??

bamboo_beats_family 013bamboo_beats_family 014bamboo_beats_family 015bamboo_beats_family 016bamboo_beats_family 017bamboo_beats_family 018

my fave <3

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