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seattle family photography – divya

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divya is the super cute offspring of tarun and amanda – a couple whose wedding i photographed way back in 2008!  it was so wonderful to hear from them and to get to meet their sweet baby girl…

Divya6mos-1 Divya6mos-2 Divya6mos-3 Divya6mos-4 Divya6mos-5 Divya6mos-6 Divya6mos-7 Divya6mos-8 Divya6mos-9 Divya6mos-10

so many great expressions…

Divya6mos-11 Divya6mos-12 Divya6mos-13 Divya6mos-14 Divya6mos-16 Divya6mos-17 Divya6mos-18 Divya6mos-19 Divya6mos-20 Divya6mos-21 Divya6mos-23 Divya6mos-24 Divya6mos-25 Divya6mos-26

best. face. ever.

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