Bump, birth and baby photography ~ the story of leila

newborn girl with parents by jenny gg

miss leila came early one morning last month…the birth was amazing and this kiddo had the most hair i’ve ever seen on newborn, but i’m getting ahead of myself…

i was the lucky girl to document the pregnancy, birth and the family that started with isaiah

leila 002leila 003leila 004leila 005leila 006leila 007leila 008leila 009

his face is so angelic…you totally get why mom and dad make such kissy faces…

leila 010leila 011

so about an hour after i left beverly and dennis’ wedding, i get a text from bliss saying ‘can you be here in an hour?’  you bet i could…

leila 012leila 013leila 014

i dozed off on their couch for a bit and woke to some serious labor action in the birthing tub…and a few minutes later…

leila 015leila 016

it’s a girl!

leila 017leila 018leila 019leila 020

while baby got her first meal, the awesome doula made the equally awesome midwives some scrambled eggs…

leila 021leila 022leila 023

and then isaiah came to meet his new baby sister!

leila 024

just two weeks later…

leila 025leila 026leila 027leila 028leila 029leila 030leila 031

the one above is my favorite…

leila 032leila 033

i’m so blessed to know this family and they are wonderful!



  1. Laura on September 27, 2013 at 12:51 pm

    Leila-19 – daddy/daughter portrait is PRICELESS. it brought tears to my eyes. What a beautiful family.

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