seattle families – south lake union – teddy and his parents!

family photos on south lake union by jenny gg

not only was i lucky enough to get to photograph brian and sofia’s wedding day, but while on vacation to visit family all the way from japan, they picked me to take their sweet new ball of awesomeness’s photos!  i was so excited to meet them in south lake union the other day – we got to eat leaves, shed a few tears, play in the water and have a ton of fun!

teddyblog1-2 teddyblog1-3 teddyblog1-4 teddyblog1-5 teddyblog1-6 teddyblog1-7 teddyblog1-8

it was a quick recovery for sure…

teddyblog1-9 teddyblog1-10 teddyblog1-11 teddyblog1-12 teddyblog1-13 teddyblog1-14 teddyblog1-15

i am so happy for your sweet family you guys – much love to all of you!!!  xxoo, jen

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