roche harbor wedding – hotel de haro – carley and neil

roche harbor wedding by jenny gg

i absolutely adore neil and carley and have been so excited for their wedding at roche harbor all year.  this event was filled with so much laughter, sweet family, great friends and some seriously groovy accents…

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carley has THE best laugh ever by the way…

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i loved the details on her dress…

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after their first look, we headed up to the island mausoleum – i love it when i get to have some concentrated portrait time with a couple – carley and neil were totally into having a little time away and i love how they just easily melt into each other…

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everyone got together for a little pre-ceremony hydration and laughs and then it was time to get hitched!

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although we lost the sun for a bit, the gardens at hotel de haro are so beautiful and carley’s laugh can brighten any space for sure!

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toasts were filled with jokes, jabs, mockery (at neil’s expense of course!) but also a ton of love…these families are the best…

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there was some good ‘boogie time’ but then we all headed down for the flag ceremony and a killer sunset…

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and back to the party – this crew definitely brought some life to bohemian rhapsody – the likes of which i’d never seen…

CarNeiblog-80 CarNeiblog-81

is grandma playing air guitar??  why yes, she is…

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amazing people – amazing day.

venue/catering – hotel de haro

floral – en fleur event design

cake – felicitations

hair – lush hair

dj – dj sound



  1. Heidi on August 28, 2014 at 1:27 pm

    Lovely. Just lovely!!

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