resort wedding at cave b – tamara and lisa

wedding at cave b resort by jenny gg

tamara and lisa’s resort wedding at cave b was was pure lovliness…it is such a beautiful landscape and this couple is sublime…

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we started the day with the ladies while they got dolled up – i was immediately enchanted with the view from the cliff house…

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some very serious friends stopped by before they got dressed…

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we took a quick trip to the pond area before the ceremony – there were dragonflies everywhere – must be good luck right?

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the ladies decided to have their ceremony in the round…

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it was sweet to be surrounded by those they love and feel so supported by…

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the resort offers a beautiful piazza for their reception with that same killer view…

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after dinner, we scooted out for some sun flare photo shenanigans…

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i think that should be their first album cover…

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we got back right at sunset for some very touching toasts, a quick 1st dance and then party on!!

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t’s pants were super cool…

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great day.

venue/catering – cave b resort

dj – dj lance – what a GREAT guy

floral – signature flowers and events

hair/makeup – the spa at cave b



  1. Kristy Lynn Davis on July 28, 2015 at 3:23 am

    What a beautiful wedding: beautiful couple, beautiful guests, beautiful location, beautiful party, beautiful food, beautiful rings – beautiful photos. Wish I’d been there.

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