redmond family photos by jenny gg

when a family chooses me for their family photography, i am thrilled.  when a family chooses me every year to take their family’s photos, i feel SO honored.  i have loved getting together with the shank family at the same park for five years now, and miss kaia blows my mind everytime…she is so bright, quick-witted and makes the funniest (and timely!) faces ever…

Shank15-2 Shank15-3 Shank15-4 Shank15-5 Shank15-6 Shank15-7 Shank15-8 Shank15-9 Shank15-10 Shank15-11 Shank15-12 Shank15-13 Shank15-14 Shank15-16 Shank15-17 Shank15-18 Shank15-19 Shank15-20

best time with the best family!

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