poulsbo wedding – kitsap memorial park – kate and kara

same sex wedding in poulsbo at kitsap memorial park by jenny gg

kara and kate – two amazing women that created a poulsbo wedding at kitsap memorial park that was truly representative of them as a couple.  they got ready together, had no wedding party, had a totally ‘unplugged’ ceremony, friends made their food, there were lawn games and hula hoops and all things merry took place with customized beer pint glasses.

and there was goat cheese…

katekarablog-2 katekarablog-3 katekarablog-4 katekarablog-5 katekarablog-6 katekarablog-7 bride getting ready at kitsap memorial park katekarablog-9 katekarablog-10 katekarablog-11 katekarablog-12 katekarablog-13 katekarablog-14 katekarablog-15 katekarablog-16

i don’t typically post family photos, but i loves me some grandmas, little kids and making people smooch each other…

katekarablog-17 katekarablog-18 katekarablog-19 katekarablog-20 katekarablog-21 katekarablog-22 katekarablog-23 katekarablog-24 katekarablog-25 katekarablog-26 katekarablog-27 katekarablog-28

i mentioned earlier that they had an “unplugged ceremony” – their officiant asked that just during the ceremony, people would put away all phones and cameras – it’s not the most popular request amongst wedding guests, but i will tell you that all eyes and ears on the couple during the ceremony is a lovely and emotional thing for the couple getting married.  everytime they looked out on their crowd, they saw all of their loved ones faces and not an ipad in the bunch…

katekarablog-29 katekarablog-30 katekarablog-31 katekarablog-32 katekarablog-33 katekarablog-34 katekarablog-35 katekarablog-36 katekarablog-37 katekarablog-38

friends made their spread and it was pretty spectacular!

katekarablog-39 katekarablog-40

they designed and actually MADE their own wedding rings a few days prior to the wedding…

katekarablog-41 katekarablog-42 katekarablog-43 katekarablog-44 katekarablog-45 katekarablog-46 katekarablog-47 katekarablog-48 katekarablog-49 katekarablog-50 katekarablog-51 katekarablog-52 katekarablog-53 katekarablog-54

after the toasts, we headed down to the beach for a little sunlight goodness…

katekarablog-55 katekarablog-56 katekarablog-57 katekarablog-58 katekarablog-59 katekarablog-60 katekarablog-61 katekarablog-62 katekarablog-63 katekarablog-64

such a great day.

venue – kitsap memorial park

rings – they got to make their own rings!!  with these rings



  1. jen on July 6, 2014 at 2:55 pm

    so gorgeous!

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