poulsbo wedding – kiana lodge – karolina and caleb

kiana lodge wedding by jenny gg

i love weddings at kiana lodge!  karolina and caleb came up from CA to create a destination wedding that included their love of the tv show twin peaks and since part of the show was filmed there, kiana lodge was the perfect setting….and we had the most beautiful day!

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pacific artistry made the bride super pretty…

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isn’t this an amazing backdrop for a ceremony?!

ceremony at kiana lodge by jenny gg kazcal-17 kazcal-18

their best friend officiated and everyone passed the rings to put some good thoughts on them…

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the light was so amazing…my favorite from the day is below…

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ok, so the opening episode of twin peaks is the discovery of laura palmer’s body on the beach – the exact beach (and log) at kiana lodge…karolina wanted to pay homage to that scene…so we did…

kazcal-30 twin peaks themed wedding at kiana lodge by jenny gg kazcal-32

i had to make her smile right?!  there were lots of twin peaks references throughout the reception – even the m&ms had quotes from the show!

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log lady!

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thanks for including me in your day kaz and caleb – you rock!

venue – kiana lodge

hair/makeup – pacific brides


  1. jen wade on November 20, 2014 at 7:59 pm

    beautiful day! and that last photo by the fire is amazing!

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