port gamble wedding – kelsey and matt

port gamble wedding by jenny gg

i have to say that kelsey and matt’s port gamble wedding was amazing – such amazing weather, even more amazing friends and family and truly an amazing couple…we started the day at her parent’s house – such gracious folks…

KelMattblog-2 KelMattblog-3

matt’s mama helped with his tie…

KelMattblog-4 KelMattblog-5 KelMattblog-6 KelMattblog-7

kelsey presented her folks with gifts…i love that she and her mom have the same cry face…

KelMattblog-8 KelMattblog-9 KelMattblog-10

matt was ready to roll – this couple has SO much fun together – i love how easy they are with each other…

KelMattblog-11 KelMattblog-12 KelMattblog-13 KelMattblog-14 KelMattblog-15 KelMattblog-16 KelMattblog-17 KelMattblog-18 KelMattblog-19

we then headed over to port gamble to meet up with the wedding party – great group and totally fun!

KelMattblog-20 KelMattblog-21 KelMattblog-22 KelMattblog-23 KelMattblog-24 KelMattblog-25 KelMattblog-26

so the girls picked matt up…well, they did on the second try!

KelMattblog-27 KelMattblog-28 KelMattblog-29 KelMattblog-30 KelMattblog-31

off to the church!

KelMattblog-32 KelMattblog-33 KelMattblog-34 KelMattblog-35 KelMattblog-36 KelMattblog-37 KelMattblog-38 KelMattblog-39 KelMattblog-40 KelMattblog-41 KelMattblog-42

KelMattblog-43 KelMattblog-44 KelMattblog-45 KelMattblog-46 KelMattblog-47 KelMattblog-48 KelMattblog-49

ring that bell!

KelMattblog-50 KelMattblog-51 KelMattblog-53

the couple led a processional all the way to the pavilion…pretty cool!

KelMattblog-54 KelMattblog-55 KelMattblog-56 KelMattblog-57 KelMattblog-58

matt and kelsey have traveled the world together – reaching the peaks of many places – they brought those travels to their wedding theme…

KelMattblog-59 KelMattblog-60 KelMattblog-61 KelMattblog-62 KelMattblog-63 KelMattblog-64 KelMattblog-65 KelMattblog-66 KelMattblog-67 KelMattblog-68 KelMattblog-69 KelMattblog-70 KelMattblog-71 KelMattblog-72 KelMattblog-73 KelMattblog-74 KelMattblog-75

after the meal and some wonderful toasts, we headed into the main building for one of the most fun first dances ever – SO much energy!!  kelsey’s parents tore it up too big time and the party was on!

KelMattblog-76 KelMattblog-77 KelMattblog-78 KelMattblog-79 KelMattblog-80 KelMattblog-81 KelMattblog-82 KelMattblog-83 KelMattblog-84 KelMattblog-85 KelMattblog-86 KelMattblog-87 KelMattblog-88 KelMattblog-89 KelMattblog-90 KelMattblog-91

the photo above totally sums the day – it was great.


venue – port gamble

catering – gallucci’s

dj – gen x pro

officiant – brent james

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