pickering barn wedding – mandy and ashley!

pickering barn wedding by jenny gg

mandy – lightbeams shoot from her face when she smiles…. ashley – makes you feel relaxed with just one word… their wedding day at pickering barn was a wet one for sure, but sunshine was all around anyway…

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and the dress had pockets!

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ashley proposed the first time so mandy returned the favor…

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we only got about 10 min outside before the rain chased us in, but it was a pretty groovy 10 min…

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a little pre-ceremony toast and prayer and off to their ceremony!

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the place was filled with friends and family and lots of billy balls (my fave!)

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party on!

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venue – pickering barn

hair/makeup – offwhite makeup and beauty (ashley) and salon maison (mandy)

planning/coordination – mary with invisible hostess (AMAZING!)

catering – cameron catering

dj – stacey cooks

staff – jlk event service

rentals – vintage ambiance and alexander party rentals

cakes – stuffed cakes

jen wade rocked the fauxtobooth – CLICK HERE to snag your photos!




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