olympia wedding – indian summer country club – laura and jacob!

olympia wedding couple by jenny gg

it was awesome being at indian summer again this fall for laura and jacob’s wedding…the air was crisp, the sun set way too quickly but their whole day was pretty darn sweet…


laura’s gift to jacob had a little note that said “don’t be late!”


the parents and wedding party got to watch their first look…jacob’s face was super beaming!

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that ginger on the far left is emily…the original awesomesauce and jacob’s sister.  i was the lucky duck that shot emily and kyle’s wedding back in the spring of 2009! their wedding was on my original blog so i can’t even link to it but trust me, it was a killa’ time

LauraJacobblog-14 LauraJacobblog-15 LauraJacobblog-16 LauraJacobblog-17 LauraJacobblog-18 LauraJacobblog-19 LauraJacobblog-20 LauraJacobblog-21

and off to get hitched…laura’s dad walked her down the aisle and then officiated!

LauraJacobblog-22 LauraJacobblog-23 LauraJacobblog-24 LauraJacobblog-25 LauraJacobblog-26 LauraJacobblog-27 LauraJacobblog-28

her dad is very sweet with a good dose of sass thrown in…

LauraJacobblog-29 LauraJacobblog-30 LauraJacobblog-31 LauraJacobblog-32 LauraJacobblog-33 LauraJacobblog-34 LauraJacobblog-35 LauraJacobblog-36 LauraJacobblog-37 LauraJacobblog-38 LauraJacobblog-39 LauraJacobblog-40 LauraJacobblog-41 LauraJacobblog-42

jacob’s best man, brett, is married to the oh so awesome kari – pretty much the best folks ever…and i got to shoot their wedding in 2010 too!

LauraJacobblog-43 LauraJacobblog-44 LauraJacobblog-45 LauraJacobblog-46 LauraJacobblog-47 LauraJacobblog-48 LauraJacobblog-49 LauraJacobblog-50 LauraJacobblog-51 LauraJacobblog-52 LauraJacobblog-53 LauraJacobblog-54 LauraJacobblog-55 LauraJacobblog-56 LauraJacobblog-57 LauraJacobblog-58 LauraJacobblog-59 LauraJacobblog-60 LauraJacobblog-61 LauraJacobblog-62 LauraJacobblog-63 LauraJacobblog-64 LauraJacobblog-65 LauraJacobblog-66

it was a good day.

venue – indian summer golf and country club


had to throw this photo in – referrals are so fun and the best feeling ever.



  1. Sarah Potter on November 23, 2014 at 11:13 pm

    Love these Jenny!!! And that dance floor capture is priceless!

  2. The Orginal Awesomesauce on November 24, 2014 at 8:28 am

    Gorgeous as always lady!! It was so great to see you!

  3. Mary L Gibson on November 25, 2014 at 6:26 am

    Fabulous photos. You were stunning, and your hubby is so handsome. Love those smiles. What a great capture of your special day.

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