mukilteo wedding – rosehill community center – anastasia and colin

rosehill community center wedding in mukilteo by jenny gg

colin and anastasia’s wedding day in mukilteo at rosehill community center was gorgeous in such a quintessential seattle weather way.  we had lots of grey skies, a bit of wind, a few moments of sun and even a little touch of rain!

i met up with anastasia and her girls getting ready at the hotel…

anacolmuk-2 anacolmuk-3 anacolmuk-4 anacolmuk-5

the gentlemen were getting ready up at rosehill…looking good…

anacolmuk-6 anacolmuk-7 anacolmuk-8

these chicks were awesome…

anacolmuk-9 anacolmuk-10 anacolmuk-11 anacolmuk-12 anacolmuk-13 anacolmuk-14 anacolmuk-15

the light seemed to change every couple of minutes – such a pretty sky…

anacolmuk-16 anacolmuk-17 anacolmuk-18 anacolmuk-19

the pop of orange was great…

anacolmuk-20 anacolmuk-21 anacolmuk-22 anacolmuk-23 anacolmuk-24 anacolmuk-25 anacolmuk-26 anacolmuk-27 anacolmuk-28 anacolmuk-29 anacolmuk-30 anacolmuk-31 anacolmuk-32 anacolmuk-33 anacolmuk-34 anacolmuk-35

off to the ceremony…they collected all of the sea glass in their altar and their nautical theme fit so perfectly…

anacolmuk-36 anacolmuk-37 anacolmuk-38 anacolmuk-39

colin is such a great uncle…

anacolmuk-40 anacolmuk-41 anacolmuk-42 anacolmuk-43 anacolmuk-44 anacolmuk-45 anacolmuk-46 anacolmuk-47 anacolmuk-48 anacolmuk-49

mazel tov!

anacolmuk-50 anacolmuk-51

their sea glass also came in candy form…such a great idea…they had beautiful details…

anacolmuk-52 anacolmuk-53 anacolmuk-54 anacolmuk-55 anacolmuk-56 anacolmuk-57 anacolmuk-58

grandma kisses and toasts galore…then the party got started!

anacolmuk-59 anacolmuk-60 anacolmuk-61 anacolmuk-62 anacolmuk-63 anacolmuk-64 anacolmuk-65 anacolmuk-66 anacolmuk-67 anacolmuk-68 anacolmuk-69 anacolmuk-70 anacolmuk-71 anacolmuk-72 anacolmuk-73 anacolmuk-74

the hora and a quick chair dance and then party on!

anacolmuk-75 anacolmuk-76 anacolmuk-77 anacolmuk-78 anacolmuk-79 anacolmuk-80 anacolmuk-81 anacolmuk-82 anacolmuk-83 anacolmuk-84 anacolmuk-85 anacolmuk-86 anacolmuk-87 anacolmuk-88 anacolmuk-89 anacolmuk-90 anacolmuk-91

great day.

hotel – silver cloud inn

venue – rosehill community center

wedding coodination – blush celebrations

officiant – a heavenly ceremony

catering – a grand affaire

floral/cake – sweet n design

hair/makeup – pacific brides

musicians – new age flamenco

dj – injoy entertainment

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