mukilteo wedding – lighthouse and rosehill community center – kelsey and keith

mukilteo wedding by jenny gg

kelsey and keith’s wedding day in mukilteo was such a great day – every single person in attendance was so kind and so happy and i was so honored to be a part of it…


everyone got ready together at a home up on the hill above the ferry landing…

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a dear friend of kelsey’s parents loaned her a piece of lace from her grandmother’s wedding dress – so cool…

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i LOVED how they just melted into each other!

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i may have mentioned once or twice how awesome annemarie juhlian is….well, this day was no different for sure…

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kelsey’s mom is a master gardener and was the master of their floral – they may have a little love for the lord of the rings – there was a little touch of the shire and a very cool cake to boot!

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a wardrobe change and a choreographed dance…you betcha!

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the combo of the air conditioning and kelsey’s party dress brought on a ‘marilyn moment’!



awesome way to spend a tuesday…

ceremony – mukilteo lighthouse park

reception – rosehill community center

officiant – annemarie juhlian



  1. Annemarie Juhlian on September 22, 2014 at 9:27 pm

    Jenny – You so eloquently tell/share Keith and Kelsey’s love story with your photos, so full of love and fun. Yeah!

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