leavenworth wedding – the ledge – courtney and brent

leavenworth wedding by jenny gg

when courtney and brent told me about their plans to get married on a ledge in leavenworth, i got really excited and just a tad bit nervous…i’m so glad they picked me ‘cuz the day was great…

courtbrent-2 courtbrent-3 courtbrent-4 courtbrent-5 courtbrent-6 courtbrent-7 courtbrent-10 courtbrent-11

we had a little ‘first look’ for dad – so very sweet…

courtbrent-12 courtbrent-13

their first look was private except for a few deer…

courtbrent-14 courtbrent-15 courtbrent-16 courtbrent-17 courtbrent-18 courtbrent-19 courtbrent-20 courtbrent-21 courtbrent-22 courtbrent-23

i love how much they brought the photo goodness and the best laughs…

courtbrent-24 courtbrent-25 courtbrent-26 courtbrent-27 courtbrent-28 courtbrent-29 courtbrent-30 courtbrent-31 courtbrent-32 courtbrent-33

my fave below…

courtbrent-34 courtbrent-35

when they said ledge, they totally meant ledge

courtbrent-36 courtbrent-37 courtbrent-38 courtbrent-39 courtbrent-40 courtbrent-41 courtbrent-42 courtbrent-43 courtbrent-44

i hope they come back here years from now and see that branch reaching for the sky

courtbrent-45 courtbrent-46 courtbrent-47 courtbrent-48 courtbrent-49 courtbrent-50 courtbrent-51 courtbrent-52 courtbrent-53

as the sun went down, we all headed back to the campsites for their party…

courtbrent-54 courtbrent-55 courtbrent-56 courtbrent-57 courtbrent-58 courtbrent-59 courtbrent-60 courtbrent-61 courtbrent-62 courtbrent-63 courtbrent-64 courtbrent-65 courtbrent-66 courtbrent-67 courtbrent-68 courtbrent-69 courtbrent-70 courtbrent-71 courtbrent-72 courtbrent-73 courtbrent-74

perfect day.


  1. Didi Von Bargen-Miles on October 26, 2014 at 1:22 pm

    What a breath of fresh air! A sweet looking couple + wonderful details + killer view { X GG magic} = greatness!
    Well done!

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