lake union cafe wedding – marlo and sean!

bride and groom at UW in fall by jenny gg

marlo and sean…their wedding at the lake union cafe was all kinds of fun – this couple are seahawks fans, UW fans and super fans of each other.  we started the day with a little getting ready and a ‘little goose’ as my mom would say…

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MSblog2-6i believe this was my first ‘grab ass’ first look…

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marlo’s laugh is brilliant!

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we met up with their besties for a few photos before heading over to the cafe – cold but fun!

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the shot below is for sean…

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sean and his son would be serenading the crowd as they walked down the aisle…marlo got a little preview during practice…

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their families were great!

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party on!

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Seantassletassle man!

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and the crowd went wild…

venue/catering/cake/floral – lake union cafe

dj – intregral djs

dress – i do bridal

didi rocked the fauxtobooth – CLICK HERE to snag those images


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