issaquah weddings – grand ridge manor – danielle and colin

grand ridge manor wedding

colin and danielle’s wedding day at grand ridge manor was lovely.  danielle got ready with all of her girls in the big master room while the boys hung out upstairs playing pool and a little bit ‘o poker…

DCgrand-2 DCgrand-3 DCgrand-4 DCgrand-5 DCgrand-6 DCgrand-7 DCgrand-8

the chicks from offwhite beauty made all of the girls purty as always!

DCgrand-9 DCgrand-10 DCgrand-11 DCgrand-12 DCgrand-13

danielle’s nieces are adorbs…

DCgrand-14 DCgrand-15 DCgrand-16 DCgrand-17 DCgrand-18 DCgrand-19

the expansive lawns there are great – even though we had the haze of the fireworks on the 4th still in the air and even a little bit of rain during portrait time, the green was gorgeous…

DCgrand-20 DCgrand-21 DCgrand-22 DCgrand-23 DCgrand-24 DCgrand-25

pigs were born that very morning and this awesome guy, frank, brought out a piglet to pet – SO cute!!!

DCgrand-26 DCgrand-27 DCgrand-28

i named her petunia (just in my own head that is)…anyway, their wedding party was big fun too…

DCgrand-29 DCgrand-30 DCgrand-31 DCgrand-32 DCgrand-33 DCgrand-34 DCgrand-35 DCgrand-36 DCgrand-37

the entrance to the ceremony area was marked with their ‘love tree’ – a sapling that they displayed and then will plant in their new home!

DCgrand-38 DCgrand-39


DCgrand-40 DCgrand-41 DCgrand-42

audra and her team from lovely events made the ceremony site (among a ton of other things) oh so lovely…

DCgrand-43 DCgrand-44 DCgrand-45

my favorite is below…

DCgrand-46 DCgrand-47 DCgrand-48 DCgrand-49


colin got his frisbee on and the party got started!

DCgrand-50 DCgrand-51 DCgrand-52 DCgrand-53

colin’s oma was pure awesome…

DCgrand-54 DCgrand-55 DCgrand-56 DCgrand-57 DCgrand-58 DCgrand-59 DCgrand-60 DCgrand-61 DCgrand-62 DCgrand-63 DCgrand-64 DCgrand-65

after the sweet toasts, danielle’s bmaid laurel sang ‘at last’ by etta james…very well i might add!

DCgrand-66 DCgrand-67 DCgrand-68 DCgrand-69 DCgrand-70 DCgrand-71 DCgrand-72

cake AND ice cream?!  sub zero was there bringing science and yumminess together!

DCgrand-73 DCgrand-74 DCgrand-75 DCgrand-76 DCgrand-77 DCgrand-78 DCgrand-79 DCgrand-80 DCgrand-81 DCgrand-82 DCgrand-83 DCgrand-84 DCgrand-85

at the last minute, we decided to play with a few sparklers in the dark on the lawn – great way to end a great day!


venue – grand ridge manor

hair/makeup – offwhite makeup beauty

wedding planning – lovely events

officiant – kathy rose

catering – emerald cover catering

dj – dj mike

cake – honey crumb

ice cream – sub zero

jen wade rocked the fauxtobooth that night too – CLICK HERE to see/snag your photos from the booth!


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