a farm wedding in cle elum – denise and scott!

wedding at ritter farms by jenny gg

denise and scott’s farm wedding out at ritter farms in cle elum was beyond…beyond beautiful, beyond fun and this couple is beyond awesome…

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good morning!

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sister loves are the best…

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the amount of affection they have for each other is so sweet – they make creating images so much fun…

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one of the coolest wedding parties ever…smart, sassy and not too shabby looking right?!

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their surprise ‘flower girl’ came out to give them a quick sneak peek…the best!

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their unplugged ceremony was wonderful…a dear friend officiated, their pup was their ring bearer, and the laughter could be heard across the entire glen…

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this sweet baby girl collected all of the flower girl’s flowers and brought them back to denise…

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denise and scott planted succulents for all…

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their first dance was sweet but i think they felt it was a little long so near the end they just took off running…

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amazing day.

venue/catering – ritter farms


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