a wedding at the fairmont olympic hotel – jay and ken!

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jay and ken’s wedding at the fairmont olympic hotel was a class act – multiple class acts to be exact!  we started our day with this wonderful couple hanging out with their friends in their suite signing documents and having a toast before we heading out for some photo fun…

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the luly yang store was giving a nod to the SCOTUS decision on federal marriage equality which had happened just the day before (amazing timing!)  this was also the beginning of our summer “heat wave” – we were only outside for a short time but it was a hot one for sure…

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they had custom suits made for the occasion – i love the touch of adding the date inside…

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when you walked into the garden room, you were amazed at all of the beauty and performances of all sorts happening around you…

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a string quartet in one corner…

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the amazing sam day in another corner creating a scene that incorporated the entire day…

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typing explosion – these three gals (completely silent), typing poetry on the spot for each and every guest…

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lots of yummy food and drink by the classy fairmont staff…

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the dance troupe, rainbow fletcher, did a silent and almost slow motion dance that carried out through the pre-ceremony cocktail hour – very cool to see this movement throughout the room while people were laughing and chatting around them…

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to begin the ceremony, an opera singer started to sing and the room immediately fell silent to her voice…

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their floral installation above them was so intricate – like a futuristic bamboo explosion…


kenny’s sister officiated for them…

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everyone was invited to tie a string around the wrist of the person next to them as a type of hand fasting…

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jay and ken offered beautiful necklaces to their daughters to make them an integral part of their ceremony…so sweet

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the dinner hours were filled with more typing explosion, wonderful music, sweet toasts and sam day’s painting coming to life…

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the party REALLY got started when rainbow fletcher hit the dance floor again – they had a super fun performance that literally brought everyone on the floor – what a GREAT way to start a killer dance party!!

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bnick with bamboo beats kept that energy at full tilt!

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so grateful to be chosen for this amazing event – HUGE congrats to jay and ken!

venue/catering – fairmont olympic hotel

wedding planner – jubilee event engineers

dj – bamboo beats

florist – megumi

performance art – typing explosion

dance troupe – rainbow fletcher

painting – sam day

string quartet – seattle string ensemble

singer – jennifer krikawa

videography – june films

suits – indochino

hair/makeup – salon maison

extra special thank you to jen wade for helping me catch it all and for keeping me hydrated! xo


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