echo falls wedding – chase and tori!

echo falls wedding by jenny gg

last december, i sat in my car in a random parking lot in the pouring rain talking to this guy chase.  he was planning a surprise proposal to his girlfriend, tori, after the new year on the waterfront.  as we chatted on the phone about all of the details, i remember writing “hire me please” in the fog inside my window.  so grateful he did (you can check it out here).  i was holding my breath hoping that tori and chase would call me again when they started planning the big day.  they did and i will always be grateful, as these two are truly some of the coolest people i’ve ever met.

chator-2 chator-3

i arrived to the ladies getting dolled up and having a blast…

chator-4 chator-5 chator-6 chator-7 chator-8 chator-9 chator-10

i think that might be an all-time fave groomsmen photo above…

chator-11 chator-12 chator-13 chator-14 chator-15

tori and her sister had a moment when they put on their mom’s jewelry – i think everyone might have been crying just a bit…

chator-16 chator-17 chator-18 chator-19 chator-20

so this was supposed to be the ‘storm of the century’ rainstorm – we definitely had some crazy winds and lots of rain, but we luckily got a few moments of dry and the power stayed on all day!

chator-21 chator-22 chator-23 chator-24 chator-25 chator-26

after reading letters they had written for each other, we busted out the umbrellas and went for a stroll!

chator-27 chator-28 image by jenny gg photography chator-30 chator-31 image by jenny gg photography

i LOVE they were into playing in the rain!

image by jenny gg photography chator-34 chator-35 chator-36 chator-37

when the rain drops started again, we headed back to the venue to meet up with their crew…

chator-38 chator-39 chator-40 chator-41 chator-42 chator-43 chator-44 chator-45 chator-46 chator-47 chator-48 chator-49 chator-50 chator-51 chator-52

chator-53 chator-54 chator-55 chator-56 chator-57 chator-58 chator-59 chator-60 chator-61 chator-62 chator-63

every guest was such fun and their families were wonderful!

chator-64 chator-65 chator-66 chator-67 chator-68 chator-69 chator-70 chator-71 chator-72


chator-73 chator-74 chator-75 chator-76 chator-77 chator-78

just a moment into their first dance, their wedding party joined in…

chator-79 chator-81 chator-82 chator-83 chator-84 chator-85

party on!

chator-86 chator-87 chator-88 chator-89 chator-90 chator-91 chator-92 image by jenny gg photography

venue – the golf club at echo falls

hair – melina dennis

makeup – off white makeup & beauty

dj – affairs to remember

planning – weddings by dani

pie – snohomish pie co

macarons – lady yum






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